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Parteneri DAIKIN Romania

Suntem Parteneri DAIKIN în România, pasionați de tehnologia avansată și performanța de top pe care DAIKIN o oferă în domeniul sistemelor de instalatii, aducem inovație și confort atât în mediul industrial, cât și în cel rezidențial.


We Design The Future Together - Through Technology

Out of concern for the future, but also out of the continuous desire to evolve, we help entrepreneurs upgrade their business through technology , robotization and above all: the efficiency of energy consumption. Our values are: seriousness, honesty, high expertise.

Flexik Automation

We support the industrial business to make its costs more efficient while reducing its carbon footprint. Leverage and capitalize on our experience to bring the future close to you.




HVAC - Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning

Through these systems, we ensure that your employees will benefit from air conditioning in the summer, heating in the winter, but above all, efficient ventilation throughout the year. Activities hazardous to the body need such ventilation systems to protect the health of each employee.

Also, your products will be made in the most demanding environmental conditions.


Photovoltaic Systems / Green Energy

With the help of photovoltaic systems, you bring the future closer to you. Such a system ensures your industrial/residential sustainability by reducing long-term expenses.


Electrical Systems

Anyone who builds industrial halls wants a well-tuned electrical system. We design and execute such systems for industrial customers.


Fire And Burglary Protection Systems

These protection systems are the guarantee that the risks will be minimal in the event of a fire, and in the event of a burglary, you will know almost instantly that an unknown person wants to break into your company.


BMS, Intelligent Resource Management Systems

We offer intelligent resource management systems to managers concerned with streamlining their work through the best organized use of each resource. Any activity that includes technology will be able to be optimized: lower costs, better results.


Integration Of Robotic Industrial Lines

We design and execute automated manufacturing systems so that every industrial company takes a step forward by adopting cutting-edge technology. So we help them by installing and putting into operation robotic industrial lines that make their work easier, faster, more efficient.



Our services also include the construction part with the help of which we can help companies to build their halls and industrial infrastructure.


Furniture Design And Production

We also offer furniture design and production services to industrial companies that need new furniture, matched to their wishes.

Our Suppliers:



In this chapter we aim at industrial developments, company headquarters, public institutions that project their evolution by using the cleanest and most efficient technology.

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